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 Tate Di Chiazza & Karen Jaffe continued TOUR details!

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Oct 18-20  Atlanta! Details for event below 


Tate Di Chiazza & Karen Jaffe are back in Atlanta with a great program!! October’s program is about Turns, turning and movements existing inside the turn. Come learn, practice, and discover.

WELCOME!! We hope you will join us!!

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Please note that the Tate and Karen workshops last June were sold out. If you want to learn from them and be a part of this fun community tango experience, please register ASAP. Early Bird discount expires October 1st. If you have questions or concerns, let me know. Otherwise, we will be awaiting your registration that will save your spot for the event.

——— Saturday October 19 1:30 PM – 7:00 PM ——-
Gather and Check-in (in lobby) 1:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Intensive “Turn your World Around” Seminar 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Potluck and Tango Enrichment Seminar 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM

——— Sunday, October 20, 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM ——-
Understanding Sacadas 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Creating Circular Boleos 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Intensive Seminar; “Turn your World Around”
The turn in Tango is a fundamental movement that we use in every tango we dance! To execute a turn with refined and clean technique opens up an entire world of possibilities that exist, inside the turn. The steps within the steps, between the steps. Explore with us in depth techniques to solidify your turns and start to look deeper for the gems inside.

“Tango Enrichment & Appreciation”
Why is the culture of history as well as the evolution of Tango so important to those who dance social tango? We can study all we want about steps and physicality of tango, but to connect and understanding the richness of the Argentine culture that is steeped in Argentine Tango will bring a deeper appreciation to your study and social dancing!

“Potluck Gathering”
We will gather for refreshments and fun prior to the start of the Tango Enrichment Seminar – Taste of Argentina.
FOOD: On Saturday, please bring with you a tasty offering of finger food to share. Due to the studio setting, simplistic non-messy food in a self contained dish is best. Ie; various appetizers, dips, snacks, hors d’oeuvres, cheese, fruit, nuts, sweets, etc. *Look for our helpers when you arrive and they will help store potluck items while workshops are in session. BEVERAGE: There is a water fountain on premises. Bring a water bottle during classes to refill and/or whatever else you’d like to drink at the Potluck. (beer & wine are fine).

“Understanding Sacadas”
Technique, timing and possibilities to create the illusion of this “cutting” step, safely and comfortably on a social dance floor.

“Creating Circular Boleos”
The “whip” effect. How to create a natural exchange of energy; with techniques and exploration that will apply to different moments resulting in a boleo.

On this 3rd Saturday/Sunday of the month, we follow the local Milonga tango calendar for Atlanta.
Join the party for your dancing and social pleasure on a special weekend.
–La Milonga de Oscar Saturday evening. 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM $10 Cover. Light Refreshments included. Daza Dance Buckhead /Upstairs – 3230 Peachtree Rd – Atlanta, GA 30305
— Milonga Apres Diem Sunday evening. 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM $10 Cover. Go early to dine. Menu with great food. Apres Diem Restaurant 931 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Efforts in co-registration (1 leader, 1follower) among participants enrolling will help insure balanced gender for the event. Please let other dancers know and get both leaders and followers involved.
Use paypal button below to secure registration.
Make selection and make payment via PayPal online.
If other payment arrangements are needed, contact Tina for details regarding cash in person, check by mail, or using the Venmo Phone App. SUBMIT PAYMENT BY October 1st for the Best Price!

The Full Pass includes all Workshops on Saturday and Sunday, the Enrichment Presentation, the Practica and the Potluck Social. Take advantage of early pricing and full package rates! Although all workshops can be taken independently, we encourage full registration, for full benefit of this progressive, in depth immersion.

$180 Co-Registration/two people (1 lead/ 1 follow)
$100 Individual Registration.
Price after October 1st.
$230 Co-registration after 10/1
$125 Individual after 10/1

$140 Co-Registration/two people (1 lead/ 1 follow)
$75 Individual Registration.
Price after October 1st.
$175 Co-registration after 10/1
$90 Individual after 10/1

$120 Co-Registration/two people (1 lead/ 1 follow)
$65 Individual Registration.
Price after October 1st.
$150 Co-registration after 10/1
$80 Individual after 10/1

Need help or have questions?
Email Karen Jaffe @ kjtangogypsy@gmail.com
Email Tina @tinamarie2tango@gmail.com
Text/Call Tina @ 678-469-5005

Schedule ASAP, by contacting Karen.
Available time slots go fast.
kjtangogypsy@gmail.com or 828-215-1177 text.
Cost- Tate $100/hr, 3hr pkg $250
Karen : $75/hr, 3hr pkg $200
With both : $150/hr, 3hr pkg $400
Location – Roswell GA.



Help bring Tate back for 2020!
Tate Di Chiazza is an international artist visiting from Buenos Aires. Since his teens, he has worked teaching and performing Argentine Tango, studying with masters, in some of the most famous clubs, including most well known La Viruta in Buenos Aires. Tate has traveled extensively, around the world with Tango, both as an instructor and performer. He toured with the famous show “Tanguera” from 2002-2009. 



Karen Jaffe lives near Asheville, NC. In her 20 years of Tango she has supported dancers through offering weekly classes, social dances, has organized dozens of events and has traveled extensively to continue her own education. Currently she teaches and performs locally, regionally and tours the US. www.tangogypsies.com

Together they have over 40 years experience dancing, teaching and performing Argentine Tango! This event is part of their US tour 2017/2018. If you are interested to study with Karen and Tate, watch the Tangogypsies website for details of the tour to see when they may be visiting a city near you. If you are interested to host them for workshops in your community, contact Karen.

Inquiries and registration- kjtangogypsy@gmail.com


Private lessons available

Tate $95/h Karen $75/h Both $150/h 

3 hour packages Tate $250, Karen $200, both $400

prices do not include floor fee


TOUR 2019! More details as we organize each event! and on FB, ask to join our tour group; where ALL events will be posted- https://www.facebook.com/groups/199852827204269/

PITTSBURGH, Sept 26/27 ,Oct 3/4 COLUMBUS OH, Sept 28-Oct 2 KNOXVILLE TN, Oct 5-8 CINCINNATI OH, Oct 9-13 LEXINGTON KY, Oct 14-17 ASHEVILLE……..WHoa, here we gooooooooo!!


Refunds: Cancellation; we will refund the full amount 2 weeks before event date;

 50% if you inform us 24 hours before START of event,

 after which NO REFUNDS. You must contact Karen at (828)-215-1177    

100% payment refunded if the organizer cancels the event.

(A 10% usage fee will apply for all Paypal refunds)