Teaching and Performances

Teaching / Performances / Demonstrations
Since 2003, 
Karen has been teaching all levels of workshops, group classes and private lessons in Asheville and around our SE region. She has organized numerous larger events with guest instructors. Karen is currently partnered with Tate Di Chiazza, a native of Buenos Aires. Tate and Karen on tour Aug 2109- Aug 2020. Karen often works alone and has had the great pleasure to work

with a variety of highly skilled partners.

Tangogypsies hosted weekly fundamentals classes, followed by a milonga

from 2006-2015 in Asheville, NC

Karen’s teaching style can be described as relaxed and fun, technique based, with comfort, clarity, connection and communication taking a high priority, with the music creating the platform within which we dance.  Understanding Argentine Tango as a language, Karen works to help dancers build a strong foundation at entry level, to prepare to build upon with further education. We learn the “alphabet”, then words, then sentences, etc….  focusing on the natural flow of the energy from lead to follow, relative position and timing for any given movement, subtly communicating through each step. Her perception of the dance is that the base is “one step”, moving from a very quiet place, where “less is more”, seeing “how littles does it take?” With both roles being active; leader “invites” and follower “answers”, we create the dialog of this dance ….all with a healthy dose of playfulness!


Once the mechanics of a given movement are grasped, the focus will come back to “how” we move; refining and clarifying the quality of the connection and communication. In the end this is a social dance, and we want to experience a good feeling with our partner, no matter what movement we are creating together.

With this philosophy , comes the understanding that there really are no mistakes, only awareness, and adaptation in every moment. Even the best dancers cannot possibly anticipate exactly what the partner may actually “say”.


Aug 2019  tour with Tate Di Chiazza- multiple cities

April 2019 Fundamentals for Arg Tango Asheville

March 2019 Deep Followers Technique – Asheville

Feb 2019 Valentines Weekend-  Cincinnati, OH

Jan 2019 Workshops at Asheville School

Jan 2019 DJ and presentation at Queen City tango Marathon- Charlotte NC

Jan 2018-Aug 2018 Teaching/Performing on 25 city US TOUR 

with Tate Di Chiazza

Oct 2017 Workshop & performance at LEAF Tate

August 2017 – Aug 2018 US tour teaching and performing with Tate Di Chiazza

April  2017 Pivot and Dynamic Turns- Asheville

April 2017 Teaching/performing w/Tomas Howlin Asheville, Knoxville

March 2017 Birmingham AL workshop weekend

March 2017 Path to Tango and Close Embrace Workshop, Asheville

March 2017  Isa’s Bistro- downtown Asheville, Argentine Night

Feb- May 2017 Converse College Spartanburg, SC Lawson academy of the Arts Intro course

Sept-Oct 2016   Tour- w/Tate Di Chiazza Teaching and performing numerous workshop weekends, & “Taste of Argentina” presentations, Asheville, NC, Knoxville, TN, Birmingham, AL, Portsmouth, VA, Richmond, VA, Christiansburg, VA, Detroit Metro Area, Toledo, OH, Columbia, SC.

Aug 2016  On Your Path to Tango- Asheville, NC

July 2016 DJ and History presentation Columbia Marathon, SC

July 2016  Path to Tango- Asheville, NC

July 2016  w/Daniel Arredondo at Isis Los Obrojitos performance

June 2016 w/ Rick Harris at Isis Los Obrojitos performance

April 2016  w/ Tomas Howlin, workshops and performances-Asheville, NC Knoxville, TN

Feb 2016  Diana Wortham Theatre- Asheville, NC “3 David’s” performance with Harby Gonzalez

Feb 2016 Lecture/presentation at Warren Wilson College

Feb 2016  Christiansburg VA Weekend of workshops and VA tech workshop, Knoxville, TN KATS workshop weekend and UT workshop

Jan 2016 Los Obrojitos performance w/ Julian Ingram


Dec 2015 Djing Charlotte Candlelight Alternative Milonga

Oct-Nov 2015  Tour w/ Tate Di Chiazza -Asheville, Newport News, Va, Knoxville KATS and UT, New Orleans, Birmingham, AL, Detroit. MI, Atlanta GA; workshops and performances

Sept 2015  with Tomas Howlin, Durham, workshops and performance; Christiansburg VA workshop weekend

Aug 2015  Knoxville workshops

June 2015  with Marcelo Gutierrez AVL and Knoxville, workshops and performance

April 2015  Lecture at Warren Wilson College

April 2015  Knoxville, TN- Tango concepts, 2 systems of walk, ochos workshops

Feb 2015  Knoxville, TN- Path to Tango and Next Step workshops, DJ


Dec 2014  Asheville, NC- Vals Intensive

Nov 2014  Columbia, SC Regional- DJ, Navigation class and performance to live music A. Zigler orq w Daniel Arredondo. DJ Milonga Maleva- CLT, NC. Weekend of teaching in Christiansburg, VA.

April 2014  Follower’s technique, Asheville, NC; Sacadas and musicality workshops w/ Harby Gonzalas, and DJ, Columbia, SC,

March 2014  Workshop with Tomas Howlin- Asheville, NC

Jan 2014  Follower’ technique- Asheville, NC


Nov 2013  Teaching, performing and Djing at Columbia, SC Regional tango Weekend

Aug 2013  Teaching and performing with Tomas Howlin- Durham ,NC

July 2013  Teaching and performing w Tate Di Chiazza – Tidewater, VA, Columbia, SC, Asheville

June 2013  “Summer Soiree Contra Weekend” INTRO – Asheville

Apr 2013 Argentine Wine Tasting- Whole Foods w Michael Jaffe- Asheville

Apr 2013  Workshops-Columbia SC

Feb 2013  Perform w Michael Jaffe- RMCS “SHINE” Fundraiser- Asheville

Feb 2013 Path to Tango and INT classes with Harby Gonzalez- Asheville

Feb 2013   Boleos Intensive- Asheville


December 2012  DJ at Candlelight Milonga- Charlotte, NC

October 2012 Performance (reversed roles) for Western NC Aids Project

August 2012  Teaching with Tomas Howlin in Asheville and Charlotte, NC; performing with the Asheville Tango Orchestra with Tomas.

May 2012  Teaching and performing with Jay Abling- Asheville

April 2012  Change of Directions Intensive- Asheville

Feb 2012 Assisting in classes w/ Tomas Howlin – Durham , NC

Feb 2012  Teaching and performing with Brigitta Winkler- Asheville

Jan 2012  Performing with the North Carolina Symphony, dancing with Daniel Arredondo- Raleigh/Chapel Hill, NC

Jan 2012  Ochos Intensive- Asheville


Dec 2011  DJ for Charlotte Candlelight Weekend

Sept 2011  Sacadas Intensive -downtown Asheville

Aug 2011  Musicality Intensive- downtown Asheville

Aug 2011 Workshops in Charleston , SC, performing with Michael Jaffe

May 2011 Regional Tango Weekend- Asheville, NC teaching and performing w/ Daniel Arredondo- Fundamentals track

Feb 2011 Follower’s technique workshop- Asheville, NC, Charlotte, NC

Jan 2011  Teaching and performing with Tomas Howlin- Asheville,


Dec 2010 DJ for Charlotte Candlelight Weekend- featuring Pablo and Flavia Fontana

Sept 2010  Teach and perform w/ Daniel Arredondo- Charlotte , NC

July 2010  Teaching and performing with Robin Thomas (NYC)- in Asheville, NC

May 2010  Regional Tango Weekend- Asheville, NC teaching and performing w/ Daniel Arredondo- Fundamentals track

April 2010 Teaching and performing with Daniel Arredondo – Blango Nuevo Weekend – Charlotte

Jan 2010 Assisting and Performing with Tomas Howlin – Asheville


Dec 2009  More to Milonga Workshop, Performance at Salseros 828 event w/ Daniel – Asheville

Oct 2009  Intro Weekend w/ Daniel Arredondo- Asheville

Sept- Dec 2009  UNCA classes

Sept 2009  demo with Homer Ladas, Labor Day event- Asheville

Aug 2009- Special-Followers technique class- Asheville

July 2009  Taught 1 week Intro course- SUUSI, Radford , VA

June 2009  Assisted and performed with Daniel Trenner – Asheville

May 2009 Assisted and performed with Tomas Howlin- 5th Regional Tango Weekend Asheville

April 2009  Performed with Harby Gonzalez- Piano , Passion and the World of Tango- Bishopville, SC

April 2009 “Milonga “ Workshop with Daniel Arredondo- Asheville

April 2009  Supervised Tango Asheville Practica

March 2009 “Followers Technique” Workshop- solo in Asheville

March 2009  “Close Embrace” Workshops with Daniel Arredondo- Asheville

Feb 2009 Performed with Harby Gonzalez- “El Dia Del Amor”- Asheville

Feb 2009 “A Few Seductive Moves” class w/ Harby Gonzalez

Jan 2009  Performed with Joe Leonardo – FILO

Jan 2009 Asheville-“ Navigating Close Embrace” and “Ocho Cortado” with Joe Leonardo ( Portland)

Jan 2009 “Jumpstart Intro Weekend”- with Daniel Arredondo- Asheville

Dec 2008  Performed with Daniel Arredondo- Tango Asheville Holiday Milonga

Dec 2008  Classes with Daniel – “Free leg”, “Deepening Connection”

Nov 2008  Performed with Olivier Poudou- FILO and Salseros828

Oct 2008  River Sculpture- Performed with Michael Jaffe – Asheville

Oct 2008 Fiesta Latina- Performed with Daniel Arredondo -AshevilleIncreasing Sensativ

Oct 2008 -Sept 2008– Beyond Beginner series- Asheville

August 2008 Charleston, SC – Classes and DJ’d at Mistral, demo with Michael Jaffe

July 2008 Radford , VA- “Intro to Argentine Tango” at SUUSI

July 2008 “Milonga Intensive Seminar” in Asheville with Daniel Arredondo- demo at Filo

May 2008 “Regional Tango Weekend” in Asheville- Demo with Michael Jaffe, Daniel Arredondo

April 2008 Durham, NC- DJ’d for Luis Bianchi and Daniela Pucci Weekend

March 2008 Greenville, SC- Classes with Harby Gonzalez

March 2008 Washington DC Tango Marathon- Taught Beginner Intensive Weekend with Josh- Demo with Instructors

Dec 2007 Tango Asheville Holiday Milonga at FILO- Demo w/ Michael Jaffe

Dec 2007 Charlotte Candlelight Milonga- Taught class w/ Harby Gonzalez, demo w/ Tito Restucha (Raliegh)- tango, and w/ Daniel Arredondo (milonga)

Nov 2007 Demo with 3 Amigos in Asheville,NC

Nov 2007 Bravo Series- Pre-concert lecture on history, music and regional Tango activities, demo with Michael Jaffe- for “Tango Buenos Aires”

Oct 2007 Teaching and Demo at Atlanta Regional Tango Exchange w/Daniel Arredondo

Oct 2007 Fiesta Latina- Asheville- Demo w/ Daniel Arredondo

Oct 2007 “Caravanserai”-Asheville- Performance w/Daniel Arredondo

Sept 2007 “Caravanserai” Sculpture and Dance- Asheville- performance w/Harby Gonzalez

Sept 2007 Demo with Homer Ladas at the Joli Rouge, Asheville- “Labor Day Weekend”

May 2007 “Piccolo Spoleto Festival”- Charleston, SC- Demo w/ Daniel Arredondo
and the “3 Amigos”

May 2007 “Regional Tango Weekend” in Asheville- Performance with Tony Lucido (Atlanta)- vals
Taught classes for weekend.

February 2007 “Tango by the Lake” Columbia, SC. “An Evening in Buenos Aires” show. Live music w/ “Tango to Tango” Osvaldo Barrios & Ruben Stefano, performance with Michael Jaffe and cast. Taught classes for the weekend with regional instructors .


December 2006 Tango Asheville Holiday Milonga- performance w/Harby Gonzalaz, Ronda & Manuel Patino (Tango Rio, Atlanta)

December 2006 Charlotte Candlelight Milonga- “An Evening in Argentina” at Masquerade Ball, Columbia ,SC w/ live music by “Tango to Tango”Osvaldo Barrios & Ruben Stefano, performance w/ Michael Jaffe and cast. Taught classes for the weekend with regional instructors .

November 2006 “Caravanesai 2”- Where sculpture meets dance for an afternoon-performance w/ Daniel Arredondo

October 2006 “An Evening in Argentina” at Masquerade Ball, Columbia ,SC w/ live music by “Tango to Tango”Osvaldo Barrios & Ruben Stefano, performance w/ Michael Jaffe, and cast.

Sept 2006 Columbia, SC. Milonga- demo and class w/ Daniel Arredondo.

Sept 2006 Hosted Homer Ladas (San Fransisco) and Anne Sophie Ville (Wash DC) for an Intermediate and advanced Tango weekend in Asheville

Sept 2006 “Caravanesai”- Where sculpture meets dance for an afternoon- performance w/ Michael Jaffe, Daniel Arredondo

July 2006 “Fred’s Speakeasy” performance w/ Daniel Arredondo , also featuring Agralolla and The South French Broads

May 2006 “Lake Eden Arts Festival”-Black Mtn, NC- Teaching and Demos w/ Daniel Arredondo

May 2006 Mount Pisgah Academy Jr/Sr Banquet performance, performance -w/Michael Jaffe

May 2006 Co hosted with Tangophilia (Durham), Regional Tango Weekend in Asheville. Taught classes solo and with regional instructors. Demo with Michael Jaffe.

March 2006 “El Alma Desnuda” Asheville, NC- performance w/ Michael Jaffe and : Matacaballo con Miriam Allen; August Hoerr; Miguel Flamini, Natasha; Kima Moore; Juan Luis Merced; Scott Gornick, Marcela Ashburn

February 2006 “Tango by the Lake” Show, Columbia, SC- Performance with Michael Jaffe, also featuring Harby Gonzalaz/ Emily Tobias, Daniel Arredondo/Alexandra. Taught classes for the weekend with regional instructors.


December 2005 Charlotte “Candlelight” Milonga- Demo with Michael Jaffe

November 2005 Rainbow Mountain Benefit- performance with Michael Jaffe

November 2005 Asheville Arts Center- performance with Jon Berbaum, featuring Craig Einhorn, Harby Gonzalez and Brandy Rosier.

August 2005 Co hosted with Tangophilia (Durham), Regional Tango Weekend in Asheville. Taught classes with Jon Berbaum and with regional instructors. Demo with Jon Berbaum.

July 2005 Cabaret at SUUSI- Blacksburg, VA- performance with Michael Jaffe.

May 2005 Co hosted with Tangophilia (Durham), Regional Tango Weekend in Asheville. Taught classes with Jon Berbaum and with regional instructors. Demo with Jon Berbaum.

April 2005 “The Red Night Cabaret”- Asheville, NC- performance with Jon Berbaum, accompanied by Mirium Allen, August Hoerr


Nov 2004 Fourth Regional Milonga- Parizade Café- Durham, NC- demo with Jon Berbaum, featuring Edwardo Tami y Mariano Castro

October 2004 “Lake Eden Arts Festival”- demo with Jon Berbaum, also featuring Maria G. of salseros 828

Sept 2004 Tangophilia- Durham- demo with Jon Berbaum

August 2004 “Old Farmers Ball”-demo with Jon Berbaum

August 2004 Third Regional Milonga – Durham, demo with Ernest Williams – Milonga

July 2004 Orange Peel Asheville- demo with Jon Berbaum, featuring “Eta Carina”

June 2004 Second Regional Milonga- Durham, NC- Talullas Rest- demo with Jon – also featuring Jak Karako

May 2004 Montas Salsa Club- demo with Jon Berbaum, also featuring Fabian Salas and Carolina Del Rivero

April 2004 Tangophilia- Durham , NC – demo with Jon Berbaum, Jason Laughlin/ Gulden
2003- Various group and private classes w/ Jon Berbaum

as well as others….