Biography Part 1

Karen began dancing Argentine Tango in 1997 after an extensive history of theatre, gymnastics, and an eclectic mix of dance disciplines. She quickly realized that her love of the dance required a more intense commitment to learning. As a result of working with many very skilled and inspirational teachers over the years, she now greatly values a dance in which the partners coexist in its creation, where the follower’s role prioritizes the connection with the leader, but also is active and expresses individual personality and musicality. Being a leader as well as a follower has given Karen a unique and valuable perspective.

Her reputation in both the SE region and wider Argentine Tango community is that of a skilled and engaging partner with well refined technique, as well as a knowledgeable and capable instructor. Always seeking further education and refinement in the dance, Karen travels annually or more to Buenos Aires, where she works with a variety of skilled practice partners, continuing to study with world renowned teachers and enjoys dancing in the popular milongas in the heart of the Tango world.